iGather - participate in worship

Sunday services are vital opportunities for us to gather for fellowship, worship, mission and discipleship.

No one should feel under any pressure to participate. That said, the more you take part in a service, the more you'll get out of it.

Enter into worship, pray silently or out loud if you prefer, connect with those around you, invite family, friends and colleagues to come with you for their first time. Be open to God dropping thoughts or images into your mind, using you to encourage or welcome someone else, or making a part of the Bible come alive to you.

The Bible encourages Christians to meet together regularly, to encourage one another, to worship, pray and be shaped by its teachings. For Christians, meeting together as church is not an optional extra, it's part of what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Christ.

iConnect - join a small group

We believe life change happens best in small groups. Time spent eating together, discussing, praying or serving alongside each other, all ensures the bigger we as a church become, the smaller we feel.

Our small groups come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, based on:
* geography (those sharing the same neighbourhood)
* age (those sharing the same life stage)
* interest (those sharing the same passion)
* volunteering (those sharing the same service teams)

Our small groups play a key part in making Christ known to all people within seven miles of Stourbridge and enabling us to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Listed below are some of our small groups and their contacts.

If you've got an idea for a new small group contact:
Elisabeth Shave shaves41@blueyonder.co.uk or
Greg Ellis GregEllis@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk

Book Club

We meet monthly to discuss a book 0n theological matters. We generally take 1-3 sessions to cmplete a book.

Monday evenings, once a month

Contact Malcolm Moss <mnmoss@googlemail.com>

Chawn Walkers

A small group that walks together. Generally, walk for 2/ 2.5 hours and end with a pub lunch.

Meets Saturdays, approximately once a month, at 10 am in the church car park before travelling off.

For details of the next walk, contact Dave Watts david@drwatts.co.uk

Chawn Wheelers

A small group for cyclists. A short ride out most weeks (1-2 hours), with occasional longer events and short tours.

Meet most Saturdays at 8.30 am, at Mary Stevens Park main gates.

Contact: Andy Bayliss - andy.bayliss@blueyonder.co.uk/ 07771 891456 or Tim Lonergan - tim.lonergan@btinternet.com/ 07739 431682

Diners Club

A group that cooks together, eats together and clears up together - and in the process discovers more about each other. A good starting point for those new to Chawn.

1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7pm onwards at the Church Centre

Contact: Andrew & Bernie Broughton-Taylor - AndrewTaylor@drewmark.co.uk 07802 357738

Friday OASIS

A womens' small group. A time to share breakfast, pause, pray and be inspired!

Friday mornings

Contact Laura Titheridge 07867 882020 laura@hypermouse.co.uk


A Bible study and prayer group with a strong community of those aged 50+

Two Wednesdays a month at 7.30pm in people's homes (not during August)

Contact: Rob & Maureen Giles - 01384 898491 / 07847 253809 maureengiles7@hotmail.co.uk

Niki & Mike Robins

Wednesday evenings, fortnightly

yamyrobin@gmail.com 07586 324488

Sam Darby's "30 Something"

A small group for young women, mostly in their mid/late 20s & 30s. Discuss the bible and pray for each other.

Monday evenings fortnightly, 8pm

Contact: Sam Darby - smb248@hotmail.com 07816 388069

Stourbridge 'Old Quarter'

Study the Bible, pray and encourage one another.

Wednesday evenings, 8pm

Contact: Tim & Lucy Lonergan lucy.lonergan@btinternet.com / 07864 574013

Tuesday OASIS

A womens' small group. A time to share breakfast, pause, pray and be inspired!

Tuesdays at 9.45am fortnightly

Contact: Laura Titheridge - laura@hypermouse.co.uk/ 07867 882020

Young Adults - for those from 19 to early 30's in employment or higher education.

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important" C.S. Lewis. Our heart is to figure out through looking at the Bible, discussing and debating the 'tricky' bits, and just spending time as a community how we live with a faith that is of infinite importance.

Contact: Lydia Orrell - lydiaorrellis@gmail.com 07470 494605

iServe - volunteer to help

Alpha Team [Wed]

Purpose: To enable people outside or on the fringe of church to participate in the nationally-acclaimed Alpha Course, exploring spirituality, belief and faith in a fun, challenging and non-judgmental way.
Roles: Catering; discussion group facilitators; set-up/ pack-down; technical; welcome.
Contact: Nev & Elisabeth Shave Alpha@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk 01384 397287.

Catering Team

Purpose: Providing quality meals, enabling people to experience fellowship as they eat together.
Roles: Baking, catering event leader; catering assistants; deep-clean (occasional), waiting on tables.
Contact: Laura Titheridge laura@hypermouse.co.uk 07867 882020

Children's Team 0-2s - Creche [Sun]

Purpose: To provide a welcoming, safe and comfortable space for parents/ carers and their babies/ toddlers to chat, play or follow the service through audio-relay.
Roles: Session leader; session assistants; deep-clean (occasional). NB Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check required.
Contact: Emma Carling EmmaCarling@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk 07486 066535

Children's Team 3-5s - Mini-Cogs [Sun]

Purpose: To provide children age from Reception to Year 1 with a friendly, fun and spiritually-nurturing programme of age-appropriate games, songs, crafts, Bible stories and prayers.
Roles: Session leaders; session assistants; deep-clean (occasional). NB Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check required.
Contact: Emma Carling EmmaCarling@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk 07486 066535

Children's Team 6-11s - Xplosion [Sun]

Purpose: To provide children age from Primary School Years 2 to 6 with a friendly, fun and spiritually-inspiring programme of age-appropriate games, songs, crafts, Bible stories and prayers.
Roles: Session leaders; session assistants; deep-clean (occasional). NB Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check required.
Contact: Emma Carling Email: EmmaCarling@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk 07486 066535

Facilities Team [Flexible]

Purpose: To enhance our mission and ministry by ensuring our buildings are clean, well-maintained, safe and well-prepared for their varied uses.
Roles: Basic maintenance, deep cleaning, gardening, room set-up/ pack-down.
Contact: admin@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk> 01384 397287

Ready Steady GO! Toddlers Team [Thu]

Purpose: To help provide a welcoming, safe and fun place for parents/ carers and their babies/ toddlers to meet, swap experiences and connect with Chawn Hill Church.
Roles: Setting-up/clear-away, serving refreshments, welcoming, craft activities.
Contact: Emma CarlingEmail: EmmaCarling@ChawnHillChurch.org.uk 07486 066535

Refreshments Team [Sun or Wed]

Purpose: To help grow community by providing quality light refreshments at Sunday services and other church events.
Roles: Set-up, brewing fresh coffee & tea, serving, clearing away, washing-up.
Contact: Carl Wright 07890 350687

Small Groups [Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri or Sat]

Purpose: To enable people to become fully deveoted followers of Christ through their active participating is a small group/ community group.
Roles: Small group leader
Contact: Elisabeth Shave shaves41@blueyonder.co.uk

Technical Team [Sun, Tue, Wed]

Purpose: To enhance the worship and presentation in Sunday services and other church events by operating technical equipment in a timely, sensitive and high-impact manner.
Roles: Sound technician; projector technician; lighting technician.
Contact: John Bairner johnbairner@gmail.com 07980 594852

Welcome Team [Sun]

Purpose: To provide all those attending our Sunday services, especially first-time visitors, with a friendly and helpful welcome.
Contact: Nic & Catherine Anderson Email: cathandnic@btinternet.com 07758 081263

Worship bands [Sun or Wed]

Purpose: To enable attenders to become worshippers through the provision of high-quality, musically-creative and inspiring sung worship at Sunday services and other church events.
Roles: Worship leader, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, lead guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar, vocals.
Contact: Mark Titheridge mark@visualadvance.co.uk 07903 314710

Youth Team 11-18s [Sun, Thu or Fri] nb DBS/CRB-check requiredMost of what we do is made possible by our 'Chawn Makers', volunteers who give their time and God-given talents to serve others. Volunteering is a great way to connect with people.

Contact: Clare Soar Email: ClareSoar@chawnhillchurch.org.uk 07826 849199


We have a rhythm of prayer at Chawn Hill Church that underpins all that we do.

Daily Office at 6.00 am

Every Monday to Friday at 6.00 am (up to 60 mins) people gather for 'Daily Office' (reflective readings and prayer) inspired by the Northumbria Community. Drop in when you can! Alternatively, to use the readings where you are, click here

Bi-monthly Prayer evenings

Every two months the church gathers to pray in all that we seek to be and do during the coming term.


We rely on the generous giving of all those that count Chawn Hill Church as their spiritual home, as well as from those that use or support our many community services.

Being an ‘independent church’, we are responsible for all our own costs: employing our staff; maintaining our buildings; funding our extensive activities.

For further information about giving to Chawn Hill Church click here

People give to Chawn Hill Church for many different reasons:

  • Many give as an act of worship and spiritual discipline. Devoted followers of Christ submit everything they have to God.
  • Others give because the Bible has much to say about generosity, giving and the importance of valuing the church.
  • Some give because they especially appreciate our work with young people and children, and in the wider community.
  • Others give because it’s rewarding to do something good with money. Everyone can experience the joy of giving.

iLove Stourbridge

Imagine if people started doing nice things for others, like an outbreak of random kindness?

We work with other churches to Love Stourbridge, demonstrating God's unconditional love through quirky, quality, quantity and socially responsible acts.

  • We gave a free rose to 1,000 people.
  • We gave a free bottle of water to 600+ hot commuters at Stourbridge Junction.
  • We worked with the Rye Market to provide shoppers with free face painting, free nail art, free hair braiding, free shoe-shining and free live music.
  • We worked with other churches to run a children's holiday club attended by 95+ local children each day (providing 1,125 hours of childcare).
  • Our young people worked through heat and rain to clear overgrown gardens and remove rubbish.
  • We hosted an afternoon tea for those of retirement age, with high-quality live music and food.
  • Street Pastors gave out free packets of dates to Muslim taxi drivers for them to use at the end of each day of fasting during the month of Ramadan.
  • Gigmill Methodist Church baked cakes for the local uniformed services (police, fire and ambulance).

Read how the Stourbridge News reported it. Click here

What next?
* Play it forward If you received a random act of kindness, what could you do for others this week? Gardening, pay for a stranger's coffee/ bus ticket, car parking, give blood, bake cakes for neighbours.. Surprise someone this week with an act of kindness!
* Come on Sunday to Chawn Hill Church and see for yourself what we're all about. To find out more click here
* Do it some more We Love Stourbridge always, not just for one week a year. Keep surprising people with random acts of kindness. Remember to use the undated cards to "make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and will praise your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16