We rely on the generous giving of all those that count Chawn Hill Church as their spiritual home, as well as from those that use or support our many community services.

Being an ‘independent church’, we are responsible for all our own costs: employing our staff; maintaining our buildings; funding our extensive activities.

People give to Chawn Hill Church for many different reasons:

  • Many give as an act of worship and spiritual discipline. As devoted followers of Christ, they submit everything they have to God.
  • Others give because the Bible has much to say about generosity, giving and the importance of valuing the Church - the 'body of Christ'.
  • Some give because they especially appreciate our work with young people and children, and in the wider community.
  • Others give because it’s rewarding to do something good with money. Everyone can experience the joy of giving.

For further information about giving to Chawn Hill Church click here

Text a small gift now - I'm in!

You can make a quick and easy gift to Chawn Hill Church using your mobile phone.

Text IMIN07£10 (or £5, £4, £3, £2, £1) and send to 70070.

For example, to give £5 text the following to 70070: IMIN07£5

Don't forget to add Gift Aid! When you send your text donation, you'll be given an option to add an extra 25% to your gift via Gift Aid, at no extra cost to you.

100% of your gift goes to Chawn Hill Church. You may be charged for your text message. Please refer to your network operator’s standard rates.

Make a one-off gift online

You can make a one-off gift using BT’s MyDonate, it’s secure, simple and has no commission charges. Click

Make a regular gift by Standing Order

Giving by monthly Standing Order is secure, easy to organise, and helps both you and 'Chawn' to budget.
Simply complete and send the Standing Order form to your bank.

For a Standing Order and Gift Aid form click here

For Internet or telephone banking, quote:
Bank: The Co-Operative Bank
Account name: Chawn Hill Church
Account number: 65536739
Sort code: 08–92–99
Amount of gift: £__ __ __ per month.

Leave a legacy in your Will

A legacy is a donation left to a charity in your Will.

All gifts made in a Will to a registered charity like Chawn Hill Church are exempt from Inheritance Tax. What's more, if you give 10% or more of your estate to charity, there are additional tax benefits.

It's easy to include a gift to Chawn Hill Church when writing or updating your Will. Simply tell your professional advisor the percentage of your estate or fixed sum you would like to leave to Chawn Hill Church. Your adviser will need only our charity name, address and registered charity number.

You should always consult a professional, such as a solicitor or financial adviser, to be sure your Will reflects your exact intentions and you understand the tax implications. We also encourage you to discuss this with your family.

Suggested wording is:

"I give... [insert percentage of estate or fixed amount] to Chawn Hill Church, registered charity number 1135757 in England and Wales, for its general charitable purposes."

Jesus encouraged us to create 'treasure in heaven' by doing good with our money and possessions on earth (Mt 6:19-21). Leaving a legacy ensures that what you have been blessed with and worked hard to create is used to bless others - even after you've gone. A legacy for future generations.

You can discuss this in confidence with Danny Brierley 01384 397287